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Celebrating Life: The Importance of Throwing a Party at Your Farewell

We all know the famous movie “P.S. I Love You” and its beautiful way of showing that you can still be present even after leaving this life. That’s why we want to share our unique way of departing from this world in style.

You’ve probably wondered at some point: “How can I pay tribute to my loved ones and make sure they feel proud of it?” or maybe you’ve thought: “When I go, I’d like to leave something organized to be remembered.” We certainly have considered it, and the mere idea of a funeral home gives us the chills.

It’s important to remember that we stop existing only physically, as we will always remain in the memories of those who remember us. That’s why we believe that everyone deserves one last big celebration instead of settling for the typical traditional funeral. It’s an opportunity to gather all those we love and celebrate, laugh, reminisce, and enjoy because there’s always a good time for it.

At Crazy Goats Events, we offer various ideas to carry out this celebration because we love parties so much that we even dare to venture into the afterlife, in the world of the deceased.

To start planning our departure, consider the following options:

  1. Organize a themed party in the emblematic place you’ve always dreamed of.
  2. Invite your loved ones to experience things you never dared to try.
  3. Our favorite option, inspired by “P.S. I Love You,” is to remain present with everything organized to surprise or even playfully annoy your friends and family for a while until they are ready to give you a well-deserved farewell with a grand farewell party.

Put in writing how you’d like this party in your honor to be because on that day, you are the star. Although sadness will be present, we hope it turns into smiles for your loved ones as they remember all the moments they shared with you.

As the song by Rozalén says, “The day I die,” let’s not fear death but fear not enjoying life. Click Here to see the video

But that’s not all; now come the wildest and most daring suggestions because there are no limits when it comes to a final farewell. Have you considered:

  1. Saying goodbye on a catamaran, scattering your ashes at sea?
  2. Fulfilling your dream of going into outer space by sending your ashes on a rocket to the Moon?
  3. Allocating part of your inheritance to create a diamond with your ashes inside?

Today, we talk about death more naturally, even on social media, like Facebook, which offers the option to choose what to do with your account once you’re gone because, as mentioned before, we don’t die as long as we remain in the memories of those who love us.

So, don’t fear death, but rather fear not enjoying life. One day, we will all leave this world, so let’s raise our glasses and celebrate being alive, whether here or in the hereafter.

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