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We are an event agency with more than 10 years of experience. Our brand seeks to differentiate itself by offering creativity and quality at the same time, always investing in innovation and with the latest trends in our proposals.

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Valentine´s Day at the Office

You all know that for us any day or moment is the perfect excuse to celebrate a good party, so Valentine’s Day was not going to be less.


But we are going to move on from that romantic love and we are going to give it a rock touch and since it´s on a Monday we suggest that you celebrate it at THE OFFICE!


If you are the boss who is reading us, you can start moving your ass and if you are an employee, run and propose it to your managers to spend a fun day at the office and promote good vibes in your department or why not? To take advantage of the opportunity and meet with colleagues from different departments.

Here are some low cost ideas that you can do without our help:

The legendary game of the nut and bolt. Find your better half through this funny game by handing out nuts and bolts that will only fit. This way you will be able to talk to the whole team until you find the key.

Enhance the positive skills of each worker. You can write your name on a piece of paper and go through all the tables, so that each partner can write something they like about you.

Install a mailbox in which each person can send notes anonymously to their crush, the next day you will start the day in a more fun way gossiping about the new loves that are cooked in the office.

Here are some more crazy ideas, including  “Singletine´s day” for those who enjoy being single and are not in the least interested in changing their social status.

Anti-stress emojis to give away when entering the office, each one chooses according to

Archery in the purest cupid style, suction cup bows and arrows to shoot at your loved one.

Sticky like love, fill yourself with velcro and stick all day to that person who has you crazy.

Roulette of love, and I shoot because it’s my turn! A kiss? Buy someone a drink? What will come out?

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